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I've done it!!! I have finally released my first pattern, the 'Orkney Cowl'. Wow I was so nervous about sharing my pattern. I have played about with different stitches, changed the rib, change the pre and post rib and procrastinated over releasing the pattern, as I was not sure it was good enough.

Then I thought, what is good enough? Well of course my cowl is good enough, because I love it. The pattern was enjoyed by my test knitters. I came to realise my  continually changing 'bits' of the pattern was just a delaying tactic. I have learned that I am good enough, my work is good enough and if not everybody likes my pattern that is actually ok. We all have different tastes. 

When I sold my first kit the customer was immediately discussing mixing the pattern up and bought an additional contrast colour to make the changes she envisaged. Well...if my pattern is good enough, I need to embrace the fact that it may become the catalyst that starts someones own creativity and that is actually awesome, even though I slaved for weeks to perfect it. 

Right, now to finish the next pattern!!!

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