A pale wooden wool winder. A metal yarn guide is to the left of a wooden base board. There is a circular ball holder in the middled with a circular winding handle on the right. There is a clamp to secure the winder to a table if desired

Knit Pro Natural Wooden Mega Ball Winder

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Beautifully hand crafted from natural birchwood, this yarn winder will wind up to 450g of fingering yarn at a time.

The fine quality bearings provide super smooth winding of yarn.

The anti skid rubber pads prevent the winder from sliding and scratching the table surface.

Use with the Knit Pro swift for easy winding of your skeins, into balls of yarn.

This wonderful device makes winding your skeins much easier than using the back of the chair.

I love the smooth, rhythmic movement of this winder.


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