Sugarcane and Bamboo Kitchen Towels

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  • This kitchen roll is made from sustainable sugarcane and bamboo waste, which are really fast-growing and can be farm-harvested on an annual basis. The farming of sugarcane and bamboo is low impact. This is a perfect swap to reduce deforestation for single use paper.

    The packaging is plastic-free and is a combination of paper which is 100% biodegradable and recyclable too, as well as clear plant-based cellophane which can also be composted.

  • Another excellent, sustainable alternative to traditional kitchen towels. The papers are good quality, strong 2 ply and super-absorbent to soak up any kitchen spills, sustainabley. The kitchen paper has no inks, fragrances or chlorine bleaching. It’s vegan-friendly, using plant-based glues too.

  • Pack of 2 rolls with 80 sheets per roll

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